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    Part detail processing

    Insist on hand polishing
    When the parts cannot be polished by machine, we will use hand polishing. Although it will cost a lot of labor, we insist on this step to ensure that all materials to be baked are smooth and flat, as well as the adhesion and beauty after baking.
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    Water-grinding Wire Drawing Machine

    Brushing and polishing treatment
    The surface of the stainless steel cover is brushed with a water-brushed finish, which gives the surface a fine texture and enhances efficiency.
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    Wire Drawing Machine

    Polished and brushed.
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    Polishing Machine

    Polishing treatment
    The surface cover or lamp body is polished to remove surface burrs and make the surface smooth.
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    Mold smoothness

    Mold smoothing process
    After the 4 stages of machining and sparking machine are completed, the tooling is then smoothly finished by hand to achieve the required precision.
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    Electrical Discharge Machining

    Electrical Discharge Machining is a kind of machining equipment, mainly used for EDM. It is widely used in the manufacture of various metal molds and mechanical equipment. It is a special processing method that uses the electrical discharge generated by the pulsed discharge between the two poles immersed in the working fluid to etch out the conductive material, also known as discharge machining or electro-etching machining. It is mainly used for tools and parts with complex shaped holes and cavities; processing various conductive materials such as carbide and hardened steel; processing deep and thin holes, shaped holes, deep grooves, narrow slits and cutting sheets; processing various tools such as forming tools, sample plates and threaded ring gauges.
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    Stretch Forming Machine

    Tension hydraulic presses can also be used for straightening, pressing, packing, block pressing and plate pressing. It can also be used for the pressing process of shaft parts, the calibration of profiles, buckling, pressing and assembling process, as well as the bending, debating, shaping, embossing, sleeving, stretching and pressing process of plastic materials, such as punching, bending, flanging and stretching, etc. It can also be engaged in the correction, pressing and assembling, plastic products and powder products pressing and forming operation. Because of its wide range of applications, it is also known as a universal stretching hydraulic press. 4 series pool lights and 5 series pool light projection light body plates are stretched and formed by the stretching and forming machine.
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    Pneumatic stamping machine (110 ton)

    The compressed air generated by the compressor is sent to the solenoid valve through the pipeline, and the action of the solenoid valve is controlled by the foot switch to control the working and return of the air cylinder, thus achieving the purpose of punching. The compressed air can be stored in the air tank and can be retrieved at any time, so the motor has no idle energy waste. The use of air cylinder as the working part and electromagnetic valve as the control element makes the structure of the machine simpler, with low failure rate, high safety, easy maintenance, lower maintenance cost and high production efficiency. 4 series pool lights and 5 series pool flood lights are pneumatically pressed and formed by the pneumatic press.
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    Laser Cutting Machine

    Laser cutting machine is the use of laser beam for cutting. The laser beam can produce both physical and special effects on the material! When the material instantaneously absorbs the laser light, physical or chemical reactions are produced, thus the laser marks achieve the cutting purpose, and have the characteristics of reducing the burr of traditional cutting process, increasing the cutting accuracy of products, and improving the efficiency, etc.
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    CNC Precision machining

    The use of CNC machines for drilling, cutting, milling, etc. reduces the error value, both in terms of a better fit of the components and in terms of reducing unnecessary material loss.